Get To Know Vlad Pick, Engineering Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane

Get To Know Vlad Pick, Engineering Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane

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Venture Lane's world-class mentor network is our key to helping Boston's best founders in B2B tech nail their go-to-market and ensure their next round of funding. Our mentors range from serial entrepreneurs, to senior operators at Boston's leading tech companies, to the ecosystem's most founder friendly angels & VCs.

At the heart of our mentor community lie our Mentors-in-Residence, who lead the charge on delivering Venture Lane's cross domain impact in product, marketing, sales, and other key disciplines for growth. These are the folks who have mastered their domain and know how to get founders and their teams operating like a primetime business.

We are thrilled to have Vlad Pick, Co-Founder & CTO at Tone, as our Engineering Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane helping founders write their engineering playbooks and ship top tier B2B software products. More about Vlad below!

About Vlad Pick, Engineering MiR at Venture Lane...

Vlad (he/him) is the co-founder and CTO of Tone Messaging, a conversational SMS marketing startup for e-commerce companies. Previously he was a co-founder of Fortified Bike, and worked in product leadership in enterprise software, consumer hardware, aviation, finance, and insurance. Check out our Q&A with Vlad!

Q: What's one initiative your team at Tone has in the works that you're really excited about?

A: We're currently redesigning our hiring process for software engineers to make it fair, fast, and inclusive.  

Q: What do you enjoy most about mentoring early stage startups?

A: I get the most out of working with other entrepreneurs on hard decisions, negotiations, or problem-solving detailed, contextual things in their business. It's selfish because I really enjoy seeing founders figuring stuff out.

Q: What's your greatest superpower in helping early stage startups survive and thrive?

A: Being experimental with ways of working, organizing, and building a team. It's so important to empower the team to improve and edit the rules of the game. 

Q: What emerging trend or 'next big thing' in engineering for B2B software should founders keep an eye on?

A: Codebases that are more diverse in new programming languages, as engineers get increasingly excited about active open source projects and new paradigms.

Q: What's one style/fashion trend you rocked growing up that would turn some heads in 2021  :)

A: I had the 90s spiky hair thing going for a while lol.


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