Get To Know Lindsey Serafin, Customer Success Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane

Get To Know Lindsey Serafin, Customer Success Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane

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Venture Lane's world-class mentor network is our key to helping Boston's best founders in B2B tech nail their go-to-market and ensure their next round of funding. Our mentors range from serial entrepreneurs, to senior operators at Boston's leading tech companies, to the ecosystem's most founder friendly angels & VCs.

At the heart of our mentor community lie our Mentors-in-Residence, who lead the charge on delivering Venture Lane's cross domain impact in sales, marketing, customer success, and other key disciplines for growth. These are the folks who have mastered their domain and know how to get founders and their teams operating like a primetime business.

We are thrilled to have Lindsey Serafin, VP of Customer Success at Snyk, as our Customer Success Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane helping founders write their CS playbooks and deliver maximum customer ROI. More about Lindsey below!

About Lindsey Serafin, Customer Success MiR at Venture Lane...

Lindsey spent the first half of her career working in engineering & professional services and is actually still a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in the State of Massachusetts. Then after getting her MBA, Lindsey pivoted her career and has spent the past 10 years in the fields of SaaS Account Management & Customer Success. She is currently the VP of Customer Success at where she oversees the Customer Success, Implementation Engineering, Customer Advocacy and Customer Education functions. Lindsey lives in Marblehead, Mass. with her husband and two kids.  Check out our Q&A with Lindsey!

Q: What's one initiative your team at Snyk has in the works that you're really excited about?

A: We recently converted a third of our customers over to our low-touch Customer Success program where they are now served through our customer community and 1:many programs. This has allowed our named CSMs to focus their individual attention on our higher ARR accounts.  

Q: What do you enjoy most about mentoring early stage startups?

A: I love learning about new trends in technology and seeing the passion early stage founders have for making their customers successful. 

Q: What's your greatest superpower in helping early stage startups survive and thrive?

A: Helping founders think about how they will scale their approach when they have 10x as many customers to think about. 

Q: What emerging trend or 'next big thing' in customer success for B2B software should founders keep an eye on?

A: I really think the Digital CSM is the future of CS - it's the extension of the customer experience we establish for our prospects into the post-sales world.  

Q: What's one style/fashion trend you rocked growing up that would turn some heads in 2021  :)

A: The perm! 

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