Get To Know Carl Oliveri, Sales Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane

Get To Know Carl Oliveri, Sales Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane

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Venture Lane's world-class mentor network is our key to helping Boston's best founders in B2B tech nail their go-to-market and ensure their next round of funding. Our mentors range from serial entrepreneurs, to senior operators at Boston's leading tech companies, to the ecosystem's most founder friendly angels & VCs.

At the heart of our mentor community lie our Mentors-in-Residence, who lead the charge on delivering Venture Lane's cross domain impact in product, marketing, sales, and other key disciplines for growth. These are the folks who have mastered their domain and know how to get founders and their teams operating like a primetime business.

We are thrilled to have Carl Oliveri, Chief Revenue Officer at Robin, as our Sales Mentor-in-Residence at Venture Lane helping founders write their GTM playbooks and fortify their revenue curves. More about Carl below!

About Carl Oliveri, Sales MiR at Venture Lane...

Carl is responsible for leading Robin’s go-to-market strategy. Previously, Carl ran GTM orgs at PayScale and Kenexa, both SaaS HR Compensation Platforms. He has helped scale organizations from $6M ARR run rate up through over $100M, resulting in several successful company exits. Check out our Q&A with Carl!

Q: What's one initiative your team at Robin has in the works that you're really excited about?

A: At Robin, we are excited to see companies planning their return to the office. I’m really excited about our release of 'Office Pass'. Administrators can schedule/enforce access for employees using health checkpoints, door locks, and other integrations. Employees can view/find teammates, select the days they want to come into the office, and book desks while giving administrators a clear view of occupancy.

Q: What do you enjoy most about mentoring early stage startups?

A: I really enjoy talking with startups about their vision + market and helping to plan their GTM approach.

Q: What's your greatest superpower in helping early stage startups survive and thrive?

A: Helping early-stage organizations get the GTM foundation right, so that scaling doesn’t require rebuilding when certain milestones are reached. Anticipating pivots/roadblocks.

Q: What emerging trend or 'next big thing' in sales for B2B software should founders keep an eye on?

A: Increased competition for talented sales people. The SaaS sales world has always had a hybrid component to it. Covid accelerated this trend. Post-Covid, most SaaS sales job are now remote which means talented sales people can work from anywhere in the world and for any company they want. Expect significant compensation pressure.

Q: What's one style/fashion trend you rocked growing up that would turn some heads in 2021  :)

A: A mullet!


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